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Buutay K Buu a citizen of zor GBARPLAY town who is generally know as a best mathematicians in the district was honor by several citizens in the district from zor clan including Gbehlay at large According to the participants, Bro.Buutay K Buu has been the only citizen in the district that treat everyone with equality with out corruption in him. In so doing , other residents of the district have encouraged bro.Buutay K Buu to be one of the contesters in the district comes 2023 .

Moreover they further explained that if Buutay K Buu would represent the district at the house of legislature, the district would definitely be redeemed. After all Buutay K Buu convinently explained that he is not small to lead the district he is ready to restore the hope of the entire citizens in the district comes 2029 why it's so true that the citizens are crying while others are dying duel to bad leadership.