Balap mobil sport

Balap mobil sport adalah bentuk ajang lomba balap mobil dengan mobil sport yang memiliki dua kursi dan roda tertutup. Biasanya balap mobil sport menggunakan mobil yang hampir mirip dengan mobil yang dijual/dipakai di jalan raya biasa.

Contoh ajang balap mobil sport yang terkenal diantaranya Le Mans 24 Jam.

Bacaan lebih lanjutSunting

  • Denis Jenkinson, "Automobile Year Book Of Sports Car Racing" (photographic history of sports car racing from the early 1950s to the 1970s)
  • János Wimpffen, "Time and Two Seats" – 2 vols. Extensive history of World Championship sports car racing from 1952 to the late 1990s.
  • János Wimpffen, "Open Roads And Front Engines" – a photographic companion to the above, covering the early 50s-early 60s.
  • János Wimpffen, "Winged Sports Cars and Enduring Innovation" – a sequel to the above covering the early 60s-early 70s.
  • János Wimpffen, "Spyders and Silhouettes" – a sequel to the above covering the early 70s-early 80s.
  • John Wyer, "The Certain Sound" – memoirs of Aston Martin and Ford GT40 team manager
  • Chris Nixon, "Racing With The David Brown Aston Martins", 2 vols.
  • Anthony Pritchard, "Sports Racing Cars" – profiles of 25 sports racers through history.
  • Brooklands Books, "Le Mans" – 5 volumes of contemporary race reports
  • Brooklands Books, "Mille Miglia" – 2 volumes of contemporary race reports
  • Brooklands Books, "Targa Florio" – 5 volumes of contemporary race reports
  • Brooklands Books, "Carrera Panamericana" – 1 volume of contemporary race reports
  • Ian Briggs, "Endurance Racing 1982–1991" – the Group C and IMSA GTP years, race by race.
  • Michael Cotton, "Directory of World Sports Cars" – IMSA and GpC car histories outlined in detail.
  • Andrew Whyte, "Jaguar: Sports Racing and Works Competition Cars" – 2 vols. Authoritative history of the marque.
  • Ian Bamsey, ed. "Super Sports: The 220 mph (350 km/h) Le Mans Cars" – technical summary of large-capacity coupés.
  • Chris Nixon – "Sports Car Heaven" – Aston Martin vs Ferrari
  • Karl Ludvigsen – "Quicksilver Century" – competition history of Mercedes-Benz
  • Karl Ludvigsen – "Porsche: Excellence Was Expected" (3 vols) – extensive history of Porsche
  • Vic Elford, "Reflections on a Golden Era of Motorsport" – covers Vic's rallying, single seater and mostly sports car career in depth.
  • Norbert Singer, "24:16" – his role in Porsche's Le Mans wins
  • John Horsman, "Racing In The Rain", an account of his engineering career with Aston Martin, John Wyer and Mirage.
  • Curami/Vergnano, "'La Sport' e i suoi artigiani" – Italian domestic sports car competition from the 1930s–1960s and the 'specials' that competed in it.
  • J. A. Martin & Ken Wells, "Prototypes: The History of the IMSA GTP Series" – team by team account of various racing teams and manufacturers that competed in the top flight IMSA series.
  • Mike Fuller & J. A. Martin, "Inside IMSA's Legendary GTP Race Cars: The Prototype Experience", ISBN 0-7603-3069-7, Motorbooks International, 25 April 2008. Technical and historical overview of IMSA GTP racers