4Ever Blue adalah album kompilasi eksklusif boy band asal Inggris, Blue. Album ini dirilis pada tahun 2005.

4Ever Blue
Kompilasi karya Blue
GenrePop, R&B
ProduserSimon Webbe, Antony Costa.
Kronologi Blue
Best of Blue
(2004)Best of Blue2004
4Ever Blue
The Platinum Collection
(2006)The Platinum Collection2006

Daftar lagu sunting

1."One Love" (Live Acappella) (Intro)0:40
2."Only Words I Know" (Remix) (For The Italian Market)3:36
3."Sweet Thing"3:38
4."The Gift"4:50
5."Curtain Falls (Quand Le Rideau Tombe)" (French Version)4:03
6."Love R.I.P"3:08
7."Get Ready"3:23
8."All Rise" (Guilty Live Tour Version)3:42
9."Alive" (Guilty Live Tour Version)4:28
10."It's Alright"3:29
11."Get Down On It" (Obi & Josh Mix) (Feat. Kool & The Gang and Lil' Kim)4:01
12."Too Close" (Blacksmith R&B Club Rub)5:41
14."4 Play"3:22
15."Made For Loving You"3:25
16."Breathe Easy" (Love 4 Music Remix) (Feat. Jamie Summaz)4:14
17."I Believe My Heart" (Duncan James Feat. Keedie)3:56
Fans Edition Bonus Disc
1."Welcome To The Show"3:30
2."This Temptation" (Blacksmith R&B Club Rub)4:31
3."Supersexual" (Pumpkin Dolls Radio Edit)3:31
4."If You Come Back" (8 Jam Streetmix)4:56
5."Only Words I Know" (Video)4:15
6."The Gift" (Video) (Japan Only)5:03
7."I Believe My Heart" (Video) (Japan Only)4:34
8."One Love" (TV Spot)0:30
9."Guilty" (TV Spot)0:30
10."Guilty" (Special Edition TV Spot)0:30
11."Best Of Blue" (TV Spot)0:30
12."Best Of Blue" (Special Edition TV Spot) (Japan Only[1])0:30

Referensi sunting

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